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Life Hacks For RV-Laxing

Need help keeping away the mosquitoes? Want some hacks for starting fires? Need an easy way to treat sunburns? Just read to find out some of our tips and tricks for making your camping trip easier and more enjoyable.

Mosquitoes eating you alive? Try this natural mosquito repellent!

So you’re relaxing by the campfire all set to get a s’more cookin' but those annoying mosquitoes aren't leaving you alone. Next time you’re at the grocery store getting camping supplies make sure to get a bunch of fresh sage leaves. Toss a bunch of sage into the campfire – it’s a natural insect repellent.

Tip: To stop the itching from a mosquito bite- peel a banana- and rub the white inside of the peel on the bite, it'll stop the itching right away!

Tip: Use a cupcake liner to keep the bugs out of your drink. Place a cupcake liner upside down over a cup or glass and poke a straw threw. Ta-da!

Fun alternatives to flashlights:

A headlamp can be picked up for under $10 and allows for hands-free illumination.

Glow sticks are always a fun option for kids too.

Hacks for cozy campfires

Getting started with "kinddling" hacks:

- Try dryer lint & a toilet paper roll.

- Try a pine cone & wax.

- Try cotton pads dipped in wax.

- Wine corks soaked in alcohol.

-Wax dipped mop threads.

-Even Doritos. lol

Now gather up some blankets, some comfy fold out chairs, even tree stumps or logs and create a seating area around the campfire. Get the s'more supplies! We recommend Oreos or Fudgeeos instead of graham crackers or try switching up the chocolate bar flavours, use a Caramilk bar, Reese's peanut butter cup or an Areo mint!

Tip: Pick up some Fancy Fire packets from Canadian Tire ( about $2.00 each) to throw into your campfire, it turns the flames different colours like blue and green.

Sun Burnt?

Of course the kids (and you) will be out in the sun and may get a sun burn. For instant relief just freeze aloe vera gel into cubes and rub on the skin for a cooling treatment.

We hope these tricks helped to keep you relaxed on your next camping trip- we hope it helped keep the stresses to a minimum and kept your family comfortable as well.

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