The Pinnacle Family

Pinnacle Trails Resort and Pinnacle Lifestyles are part of a growing family beginning with the strong pillars of Pinnacle Wealth Brokers. At Pinnacle Lifestyles, our goal is to create healthy resort communities, not just your typical  RV campgrounds or run-of-the-mill vacation resorts. Destination resorts that are hospitality-driven and filled with amazing amenities for year-round family fun and fabulous relaxation. We're on a mission to develop unique RV and adventure resort communities that become your family's favourite places to connect with each other and with nature. Our vision is to assist families in achieving a healthier balance between work life, home life and the natural world.

Hiking Boots
Rock Balancing

The question becomes, how do we recapture some of our missing balance? Our connections with the Natural World may have faded. Any signs of imbalance may be attributed to this, as well as the sometimes overwhelming pressures of work (or lack of work), school and relationships. Many families face even greater challenges such as chronic health issues and life threatening diseases such as cancer.


Imbalance can cause undo stress and unwanted health changes, which can be a firm reminder of an age old conundrum. One which we may need to remind ourselves of... "Are we living to work? Or are we working to live?" 


Nature is where we can all find sanctuary. A place to release our pent up frustrations, relieve our stresses and reinforce relationships with the people we're closest to. It is here where Pinnacle Lifestyles is focused. We're committed to helping you and your family replenish the vital, healthy connections with the Natural World. We're all about finding balance.

Renewing Your Balance

You know that feeling you have while you’re on vacation. That feeling, after only a few days, that makes you ask yourself and your loved ones, “Why don’t we leave the rat race behind and just live here instead?”  The common goal, for most of us, is simply to feel good and to find a good balance.